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KulturInvest Kongress 2016
9th CultureInvest Congress

Topic J. Flash of inspiration and rapture of colour: What unites science and art

The development of our European culture, our lifestyle and quality of life is essentially based on the findings from natural sciences as principals of technology, the medical and agricultural fields. Art and culture however, provide the impulses and agents to convey this specific knowledge to the broad public in a virtual manner. Culture as a media may be a motivator for individuals to get involved with research subjects and topics concerning the future and initiate a dialog regarding relevant social issues. How would we like to live and how will we live in the future? What type of challenges and opportunities correspond to our future development? The exchange between science and culture presents an invitation to experience and explore. It encourages us to reevaluate and expand the thresholds of our knowledge base in a very diverse manner.

Printversion of the lecture program (in German) for the KulturInvest-Kongress 2017 for download!

Program flyer (in German) for the KulturInvest-Kongress 2017 for download!

Among others with presentations from:

_ Dr. Stephan Muschick, Geschäftsführer, Innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft

_ Martina Flamme-Jasper, Leiterin Kommunikation am Science Center phaeno Wolfsburg

_ Dr. Christian Rauch, Geschäftsführer des STATE Festival

_ Jacob Bilabel, Gründer der Green Music Initiative

_ Heike Catherina Mertens, Geschäftsführender Vorstand der Schering Stiftung

_ Benjamin Maus, Künstler im Team Julius von Bismarck

_ Richard Wilhelmer, Künstler im Team Julius von Bismarck

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