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KulturInvest Kongress 2015
9th CultureInvest Congress

Topic G. Cultural sponsoring – emotional and strategic alliances

Culture sponsoring is an integral part of corporate brand management and an important pillar of cultural financing. Today, cultural sponsoring usually involves more than simply offering money, goods and services in return for marketing-enhancing activities. The aim is rather to create sustainable, long-lasting and reliable partnerships, where content-level cooperation generates a valuable exchange of experience for both the sponsor and the sponsored. Success in the cultural sponsorship market can be achieved by professional marketing concepts, sponsorship deals elaborated according to economic parameters, and a good social network. However, it still remains a challenge for both partners – the sponsor and the sponsored – to design the partnership so that it is experienced emotionally and thus generates strong associations in the minds of the target groups. It is only when this relationship is perceptible through all the senses that it also appears to be authentic.

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Among others with presentations from:

_ Hans-Willy Brockes, Geschäftsführer der Europäischen Sponsoring-Börse (ESB)

_ Dr. Heike Kramer, Leiterin der Abteilung Gesellschaftliches Engagement und Direktorin Veranstaltungsmanagement beim Deutschen Sparkassen- und Giroverband (DSGV)

_ Stefanie Jerger, Leiterin der Sponsoringabteilung bei der Rheingau Musik Festival Konzert GmbH

_ Stephan Althoff, Leiter Konzernsponsoring und Corporate Events der Deutschen Telekom AG

_ Dr. Stephan Frucht, Leiter der Siemens Kultur- und Sponsoringprogramme und Künstlerischer Leiter des Siemens Art Program bei der Siemens AG

_ Rachel Hameleers, Künstlerische Leiterin der Bühnenkunstschule ACADEMY

_ Birgit Jammes, Sponsoringreferentin der GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG

_ Svenja Kluckow, Manager Corporate Social Responsibilty der Mercedes-Benz Bank und von Daimler Financial Services Europe

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