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von Boddien_KulturInvest Kongress 2015
9th CultureInvest Congress

Topic D. Cities as identity-defining cultural stages

Social change challenges cities to promote not only a sustainable infrastructure, but also a culture of urban coexistence. In places where an urban society strongly identifies with a city, where society is coherent and can prove its strengths, the city will develop more successfully, the preservation and improvement of the quality of life will be more effective, and the city's image will benefit. Within a good urban cultural concept, this change can be accompanied, co-shaped and made comprehensible by protagonists from all sections of society. But how can residents and visitors be inspired to help design a city and encouraged to participate? Participatory formats that bring the city's history to life and use the city itself as a stage can serve as motivation to slip into roles and to travel through past events and times. Communal and emotional experiences create an identity for citizens which simultaneously makes them brand ambassadors. These activities also contribute to cultural tourism and can develop a major communicative effect.

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Among others with presentations from:

_ Thorsten Kausch, Geschäftsführer von Thorsten Kausch - Städte, Marken Impulse

_ Christine Carboni, Leiterin Haptstadt-Marketing der Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

_ Dr. Christian Strasser, Direktor des MuseumsQuartier Wien

_ Björn Döring, Director der Buero Doering - Fachhandel für Ereignisse GmbH

_ Inez Boogaarts, Geschäftsführerin der Zukunftsakademie NRW

_ Sascha Kaiser, Geschäftsführer der Nibelungenfestspiele gGmbH der Stadt Worms

_ Ulrich Cloos, Fachbereichsleiter für Marketing und Stadtentwicklung der Stadt Krefeld

_ Franka List, Marketing Manager der Lutherstadt Wittenberg Marketing GmbH

_ Prof. Dr. Werner Schneider, Vorstandsvorsitzender des Notenspur Leipzig e.V.

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