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9th CultureInvest Congress

Topic C. Multi-sensory staging of cultural brands

Brands attract our attention every day, whether consciously or not. We talk about them, buy them and consume them. But what is it that makes a brand a brand? Is it the content, the packaging or the marketing? The answer is that it is the content, the packaging and the marketing – and that wasn't first discovered by Coca-Cola. The digital transformation has created a multitude of new communication options, but these usually convey content solely by means of visual representation of a logo, brand colours, text and imagery. However, neuroeconomical research shows that multi-sensory brand staging can address target groups more effectively and through all their senses. What exactly is a multi-sensory approach to a cultural brand? How does it smell? How does it taste? How does it feel? 

Printversion of the lecture program (in German) for the KulturInvest-Kongress 2017 for download!

Program flyer (in German) for the KulturInvest-Kongress 2017 for download!

Among others with presentations from:

_Henry C. Brinker, Inhaber und Geschäftsführer von Brinkermedia

_ Kristiane Kegelmann, food artist und Gründerin von Studio Kristiane Kegelmann - eat art

_ Roman Passarge, Leiter Hansgrohe Aquademie der Hansgrohe SE

_ Prof. Dr. Alfried Wieczorek, Generaldirektor der Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen (rem gGmbH)

_ Dario Fontanella, Eiskonditor und Inhaber von Eis Fontanella

_ Elke Kies, Inhaberin von Magic Box® eK – Special Events & Duftregie

_ Sven Christian Finke-Ennen, Leiter Kulturmarketing der Osnabrück – Marketing und Tourismus GmbH

_ Dr. Stefan Strötgen, Partner der Lux Kastens Partner GmbH

_ Steffen Setzer, Leiter Marketing & Vertrieb, Prokurist des Laserline Druckzentrums Berlin KG

_ Bernd Neumaier, Geschäftsführer der Klingenberg GmbH

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