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Hedi Graber
9th CultureInvest Congress

Topic B. Financing models for cultural formats

Modern cultural enterprises make use of various forms of public and private cultural financing. PPP projects, marketing companies and promotional associations have become a firmly established part of commercial structures. Compliance guidelines have also found their way into the culture industry, which, when properly applied, create legal security and transparency and strengthen the confidence of sponsors and visitors in cultural activities. Nevertheless, cultural financing is still accompanied by the eternal question as to how backers can be bound in the long term and how new sources of revenue can be generated. The key is to let the sponsors themselves become part of the funding framework and to include them in the content when promoting culture. Crowdfunding and fundraising are funding models which build up a personal dialogue with target groups and allow them to express their wishes. Which elements allow relationships between cultural providers and sponsors to be lively and emotionally charged, in order to create a close bond and a high level of identification?

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Program flyer (in German) for the KulturInvest-Kongress 2017 for download!

Among others with presentations from:

_ Matthias Daberstiel, Herausgeber des Fundraiser-Magazins

_ Anja Dietzmann, Mitarbeiterin Creative Europe Desk KULTUR der Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V.

_ Dr. Franziska Nentwig, Geschäftsführerin des Kulturkreises der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI

_ Dr. Roger Diederen, Direktor der Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung

_ Ulrike Petzold, Verantwortliche für die Initiative Forum Freundeskreise bei der Stiftung Zukunft Berlin

_ Dirk Burghardt, Kaufmännischer Direktor der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden

_ Jaana Rasmussen, Partner bei Mission-Based Consulting

_ Bettina Klein, Leiterin der Berlin-Direktion der APT Sammlung (Artist Pension Trust®)

_ Dr. Mandy Risch-Kerst, Rechtsanwältin und Fachanwältin für IT-Recht & Gewerblichen Rechtschutz, EVENTLawyers Berlin

_ Stephanie Geithe, Rechtsanwältin und Fachanwältin für IT-Recht, EVENTLawyers Berlin

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