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KulturInvest-Kongress 2017, Dr. Thomas Girst und Digitalus © Danny Kurz

9th CultureInvest Congress

The 9th CultureInvest Congress took place on November 9 and 10, 2017!

"Digital – and with all the senses!" That's the motto of this year's CultureInvest Congress, the leading forum for European culture providers and promoters, which will take place for the ninth time on 09 and 10 November 2017, in the Tagesspiegel publishing building in Berlin.

At the CultureInvest Congress, over 100 speakers and moderators from the worlds of economy, culture, politics and media and 500 participants will discuss 10 topics relating to current trends and future perspectives in the European culture market. Visit the ninth CultureInvest Congress in Berlin on 09 and 10 November 2017 and help us to examine established and novel methods of managing and funding the Arts and cultural communication.

That’s why you absolutely have to be there! Join us at the ninth CultureInvest Congress in Berlin and discuss time-tested and new approaches to culture management, culture funding and culture communications with us. Learn more about the mechanisms of the culture market and become part of a dynamic network of 500 representatives from the worlds of culture, commerce and politics.

Book your Two-day-ticket for a price of € 650 including a personal map of the congress, access to all forums and to the Contact Lounge, scrumptious buffet breakfast and lunch, cake and coffee as well as online access to the presentations!

Printversion of the lecture program (in German) for the KulturInvest-Kongress 2017 for download!

Program flyer (in German) for the KulturInvest-Kongress 2017 for download!