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Prize for Urban Culture of the Year: City Office Stuttgart

Prize for Urban Culture of the Year: City Office Stuttgart © Danny Kurz

Cultural Brands Award

Prize for Urban Culture 2018

Cities change. In order to secure future development, improvements in quality of life and image, you need actors from all social milieus that see this change through, shape it and make it understandable. That's because institutions and facilities are in demand that are anchored in city management and can project themselves into many urban environments, act as a unifying influence in these communities and have a strong communication impact. City marketing organizations whose goals are not satisfied by city promotional efforts are well suited for this task.

Cities in particular require social changes in addition to the creation of sustainable infrastructure (schools, homes, kindergartens, jobs ....) for their citizens in order to establish a good urban culture. Because where urban dwellers strongly identify with their city, where they come together and can put their strengths to the test, those cities will be able to develop more successfully, preserve and develop their quality of life more successfully and in the end improve their images.

In light of the current challenges facing cities that we see in the field of urban culture as a culture of urban cohesion, the National Association of City Marketing in Germany [Bundesvereinigung City- und Stadtmarketing Deutschland (bcsd)] is awarding the "Prize for Urban Culture 2017" as a partner of the Cultural Brand Awards. It will contribute to providing exemplary initiatives in cities in the form of long-lasting projects, events or campaigns that they can support and communicate as examples.

Evaluation criteria of the jury

The submitted projects should

  • _set out the future issues of cities in a particularly original and creative way
  • _possibly include many urban milieus
  • _not present the city from a single perspective (e.g., culture, sports, society), but on a consciously cross-sectoral basis
  • _be initiated, supported or at least accompanied by local city marketing
  • _have a demonstrated large communicative impact
  • _present concepts and projects that provide a model for other cities to follow.

Who can apply for this category?

Only cities from German speaking countries can apply for this category. We are looking for events that

  • _are located at the intersection of administration, politics and civil society, and contribute to improving the culture of coexistence in the city
  • _Events and projects aimed at the future urban development of the city as a whole or individual city quarters. They should include as many partners as possible from the business world, culture, civil society, academia, ... who are equally involved as experts in the creation of concepts and implementing them
  • _Events and projects that understand urban development as a continuous dialogue with many urban environments and external partners and are also responsible for developing structures

Please register using the online registration form. Please send your application documents by September 7, 2018 to the competition office. The confirmation of your competition entry will be sent together with a bill for the application fee, which must be paid within 14 days of receipt.

Please submit the following materials for a proposal in the "Prize for Urban Culture" category:

  •  _Free-form presentation with a maximum of ten PDF pages or PowerPoint slides (please base these on the category's evaluation criteria)
  • _At least two high resolution pictures of the brand
  • _Printable logo of the brand
  • _Evidence of marketing activities (fliers, posters, merchandising, any film material, ...)

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