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Cultural Brands Award

European Prize for Media Culture of the Year 2018

This year, for the first time, European media professionals whose mission is characterised by the promotion of culture or culture-promoting communication will be honoured in the award category European Prize for Media Culture.

Evaluation criteria of the jury

  • _ Creativity: New forms of cultural mediation by the media

  • _ Efficiency: Benefits for culture or individual culture formatsthroughoutEurope

  • _ Implementation: Formats, series, campaigns or for one's own brand

  • _ Innovation: Creative cultural reporting or cultural marketing

Who can apply for this category?

Regardless of the regional, national or international orientation of the media, including:

  • _ Media companies such as publishers or broadcasters
  • _ Media formats such as programmes, series or events
  • _ Print media such as daily or weekly newspapers, trade journals and special interest publications
  • _ Digital media channels such as internet portals, blogs or archives

Please register using the online entry form. Please send your application documents by August 31, 2018 to the competition office. The confirmation of your competition entry will be sent together with a bill for the application fee, which must be paid within 14 days of receipt. 

Please submit the following materials for a proposal in the "European Trend Brand of the Year" category:

  • _Free-form presentation with a maximum of ten PDF pages or PowerPoint slides (please base these on the category's evaluation criteria)
  • _At least two high resolution pictures of the brand
  • _Printable logo of the brand
  • _Evidence of marketing activities (fliers, posters, merchandising, any film material, ...)
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