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European Education Program of the Year: Daetz-Stiftung

European Education Program of the Year: Daetz-Stiftung © Danny Kurz

Cultural Brands Award

European Education Program of the Year 2018

The "European Education Program of the Year" prize is awarded to institutions, projects, foundations and corporations that have developed particularly innovative projects in cultural education.

Evaluation criteria of the jury

  • _Innovative capacity: New communication strategies for children's and youth education and adult education
  • _Quality: Didactically consistent approach
  • _Target group orientation: Adapted translation of cultural pedagogical approaches
  • _Cooperation: Developing qualified partner networks

Who can apply for this category?

Anyone in Europe, regardless of their regional, national or international focus:

  • _Cultural institutions and projects in all cultural sectors
  • _Public and private foundations
  • _Private companies that campaign for cultural education and initiate or implement educational programs

Please register using the online entry form. Please send your application documents by September 7, 2018 to the competition office. The confirmation of your competition entry will be sent together with a bill for the application fee, which must be paid within 14 days of receipt.

Please submit the following materials for a proposal in the "European Education Program of the Year" category:

  • _Free-form presentation with a maximum of ten PDF pages or PowerPoint slides (please base these on the category's evaluation criteria)
  •  _At least two high resolution pictures of the project
  • _Printable logo of the project
  • _Evidence of marketing activities (fliers, posters, merchandising, any film material, ...)


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