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Winners, laudatories and jugdes of the Cultural Brand Award 2017 © Danny Kurz

12th Cultural Brand Award

The winners of the European Cultural Brand Award 2017 have been chosen!

The Cultural Brands Gala "Night of Cultural Brands" 2017 took place on November 9 at the Wintergarten Berlin.

Culture managers Hans-Conrad Walter and Eva Nieuweboer rolled out the first Cultural Brands Award contest in 2006. Its 11th year – 2017 – marks the presentation of the 12th award. It is considered the most important award in the culture business. A panel of experts comprising 38 judges bestows the award upon winners representing culture services, investors and tourism regions from all over Europe in seven contest categories. The Aurica® trophy, which is presented in all categories for the third time next year, is a symbol for the excellence, attractiveness and openness of the European culture market and synonymous with the valuable brokerage work done by European culture providers and the outstanding advocacy of European culture investors.

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